Today, we are going to be discussing the benefits of journaling! There are different styles of journaling that you may, or may not, have heard of. Some of these journaling styles include:

  • Gratitude journal
  • Bullet journal
  • Freestyle journal
  • Food journal
  • Travel journal
  • Reading journal
  • Prayer journal
  • Creative journal
  • Dream journal

Journaling is a powerful tool that can help you keep memories, clarify your thoughts, reduce stress, problem solve, relax, and more! Research has found that journaling benefits your mental, physical, and emotional health as it has been found to possibly lower blood pressure, reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, and increase positive psychological states (happiness, optimism, etc.).

If you have never tried journaling before you may want to try various structured styles of journaling to help you explore what works best for you. One of the great things about journaling is that there are no rules, no one has to see/read it, and you get creative freedom to do whatever you want! 

An example to try could be a gratitude journal. To keep a gratitude journal you can write 3️⃣ good things that happened in your day or 3️⃣ things that you are grateful for and then beside them jot down how those things make you feel! You can try using our template that is attached in the pictures! 

Try this style of journaling everyday for a week!

Big Life Journal has lots of free resources and printables for families to use!

Video For Adults


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