Heartfulness is a mixture of kindness, gratitude and generosity; the sincerity and warmth of feeling or expression, which all lead to increased happiness and increased overall wellbeing. Being heartful includes the sense of a warm, heartfelt relationship with whatever may be happening in our internal or external experiences – experiences with ourselves or with others! Just like mindfulness, heartfulness teaches us how to approach our discomforts, pain and losses with more compassion, balance and steadiness. Other studies have shown that adding heartfulness to deepen mindfulness sessions have lowered burnout rates and emotional exhaustion scores in individuals who work in various professions.

If we can add heartfulness to our mindfulness practices, we can deepen our practice and our relationships with ourselves and others. Heartfulness can be practiced in two ways: By bringing care and empathy into whatever is happening. By actively and intentionally strengthening different qualities of heart


Heartfulness Practice Audio


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