Daily Routines

Daily routines help us with normalcy and provide comfort, they help us develop good habits (such as brushing our teeth before bed), and can help to decrease our stress, thus increasing overall health and wellness!

Our night and morning routines are equally important, and students experience routine at school everyday with bell times, class schedules, and expectations set out by their teachers! Daily routines help to provide structure, which helps us to decrease our stress. A decrease in stress levels can help improve our sleep cycles, thus improving our mental health.

Routines and creation of good habits can be small or big ranging from: how you leave your house for the day, how you do your laundry, how you water your plants, how you feed animals, how you clean, and more! We can easily add more habits and routines into our lives if we want to, we simply just have to make the time and start!

How to incorporate routines into your daily life:

  • Think about the things you do everyday
  • try to set time aside to do these things mindfully and enjoy them!
  • Want to add a new routine or new aspect to your already existing routine? Just start! Try to make a goal of doing this 3-5 times each week, and then continue to build it up. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit!

Video for Adults

The Power of Forming Habits Ted Talk


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