Finding the Beauty in the Ordinary

Sometimes, we can find it easy to forget how beautiful the world is around us. Sometimes, we need reminders from children to stare at beautiful leaves or cool rocks, and that we don’t need huge, grand adventures to find peace, happiness, beauty, or healing. Research suggests that finding awe can make us feel happier and healthier. Did you know that experiencing awe shifts our attention from ourselves, and makes us feel something greater than ourselves, and thus makes us feel more kind towards others? We can discover awe through nature, through music, through cooking, and through art. We can also find awe through spiritual and religious practices. “Awe,” which is the idea of finding beauty in the ordinary and becoming part of this perceived vastness, has been found to give people the sense of increased connectedness, increased critical thinking, increased positive mood, and decreased materialism. Also, awe has found to give people the sensation of chills or “goosebumps,” and recent studies have shown that awe can also decrease markers of chronic inflammation in the body. All of these things combined create a happier, physically and mentally healthier you.

How do we go about adding more “awe” in our ordinary lives?

  • Deliberately look for beautiful moments
  • Take the time to stop and take a photo
  • If you can write about what you are feeling in the moment or why, try to journal!
  • You can try to consider ordinary things in a new way
  • Watch your children as they explore things such as rocks, leaves, new scenery, etc.

Video – Greater Good Science Center – Finding Awe in the Ordinary

Podcast – Greater Good Science Center – Can you find Wonder in the Ordinary?


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