Spring Hustle and Bustle

A common theme right now seems to be that we are all busy! Spring has arrived, winter activities are wrapping up, spring/summer leagues are beginning, yard work is calling, farmers are seeding & calving, and we are all so excited to connect once again through events, concerts and celebrations. It is a fantastic feeling but so many tasks can easily lead to feelings of overwhelm. Or maybe even guilt, for having the overwhelm after so much time apart & without activities these last few years.  However it is exactly because we have had the time to slow down that we should pause before committing to every opportunity or that is available or offered to us.  Emerging into this time can be exhilarating and we can easily become overloaded. 

Check in with yourself to make sure you are agreeing to things that you have space and time for without sacrificing tasks in your day that are integral to your mental & physical health. Be aware of what drains your tank and what fills you up.  Be firm in not breaking commitments to yourself in order to please others.  

One of our SHINE coaches uses the approach of highlighting the tasks in her day that she prioritizes for her own health.  She has committed to herself that these times are non negotiable in that she can move them in her day but that they have to happen each day. Things like exercise, a certain amount of sleep and 20 minutes of alone time.   If committing to volunteer at an event, or meet with a friend, compromise her commitments to her health…she declines.  She says no, which often is difficult for many of us.  By prioritizing our self care we create more opportunities for meaningful connection and projects we actually enjoy. This isn’t to say you can shuffle your schedule, but rather to emphasize prioritizing your needs.  You can only do your best when you feel your best and that requires us to be intentional with our time. 

Love is medicine

Food is medicine


Nature is medicine

Movement is medicine


Laughter is medicine

Sleep is medicine


Connection is medicine

Gratitude is medicine

Sunshine is medicine

What kind of medicine do you need in your day…and are you getting enough? 

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