Practical Things to do while Social Distancing


If you are looking for things to do while practicing social distancing here are some opportunities of things to try: 

  • Board/card games 
  • Teaching your dog new tricks and spending time with your pets! 
  • Spend time outside: go for a run/walk, build a snowman, go sledding   
  • Nature walk and talk 
  • FaceTime/Skype dates 
  • Look at photo albums 
  • Try some new art activities 
  • Bake or cook some new recipes 
  • Journal
  • Karaoke/sing along to music
  • Dance in your living room 
  • Organize that dang neglected basement room! 
  • Create a pot and pan band with spoons and kitchen utensils 

We would LOVE to hear from you and your family of things that you are doing right now! How are you staying involved while maintaining social distance? 

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