Growth Mindset

Growth mindset is when we can change our thoughts from “I can’t do that” to “I can’t do that…yet,” which makes our motivation to succeed come from within ourselves. It is something that is fluid, therefore we must practice it just like we practice gratitude and mindfulness. 

Furthermore, having a growth mindset often leads to a sense of purpose and meaning, which lead to more learning and self growth! Growth mindset is based on effort being good and how we succeed, because effort allows us to improve our abilities even after we have failed. Claudia Mueller, an Associate Professor of Pediatric Surgery at Stanford University states, “If you think your health is fixed — you can’t do much to change it, you associate it with something purely genetic — you’re maybe not as motivated to follow doctor’s orders, compared to somebody who sees health as something that can be improved through behavior.”

With a growth mindset, people often believe that failures are chances to learn and improve what we can do even more! How amazing is it that our brain is one of the most changeable parts of the body? 


For children: 

  • Sesame Street: The Power of Yet
  • Brain Jump with Ned the Neuron: Challenges Grow Your Brain 
  • The Mindset of a Champion 

For adults: 

  • The Power of a Growth Mindset
  • The Power of Believing You Can Improve 


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