Mental Health Week: Rest and Restore

Today is the beginning of Mental Health week!

This week SHINE staff will be posting each day on a new mental health tip! SHINE staff Mira McLennan is focusing on today’s tip which is “Rest and Restore”

“I have many hobbies and I find myself searching for more as I am spending extra time at home. Most recently I have started trying to play the ukulele . Although sometimes I tell myself that I don’t have time for these things, I need to remember that it’s important to rest and restore.Try to focus on what you need in the moment and how you are feeling. We do need to take breaks, we do need to take care of ourselves.”

Self Care Action Plan:

Realistic Self-Care 

(that doesn’t require time, money, or taking away from the care you give to others)

To learn how to sleep better visit:


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