Mental Health Week: Self-Compassion

SHINE Program Manager, Melody Oliver, is focusing on today’s tip which is Self-Compassion.

“In an effort to become more mindful and in choosing to incorporate Yoga into my routine…as often as I could , I discovered more than I was seeking. I learned that in my efforts to become more healthy, physically and mentally, that I had a huge barrier that was interfering with my efforts, not only regarding practicing yoga but in most matters in my life. In blaming obligations, of work and others, I come to understand that the only barrier to my self care, ….. was me, and my lack of self-compassion.
The more I learn the more I know that, I am my own best friend, and I give myself permission to care for me….. choosing to decide ….that whatever I have accomplished in a day … is enough.  Wont you?”

To learn more about building a practice of Self-Compassion visit:


10 Self-compassion practices for COVID-19…/

Self-compassion meditation video…/LKM.self-compassion_cleaned.m…

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