Music can act as a powerful stress management tool in our lives which can help us feel uplifted and can improve our mental health!

Researchers have studied the therapeutic and mood boosting effects of music. Our limbic system, where feelings and emotions are housed, is affected in a positive way when we listen to music! Our minds and bodies are more relaxed, and studies have shown that our heart rate can slow, lowering blood pressure and decreasing levels of the stress hormone. 

Listening to music is also a great way to increase our mindfulness practice! Music can help prevent the mind from wandering during mindfulness as it absorbs our attention and brings us back to the present moment.

For You To Try:

You may find it beneficial to create an awareness of how different songs influence your mood and feelings.

Try picking some songs and answering these questions! 

  • How relaxed does this song make me feel?
  • How happy does this song make me feel?
  • How energized does this song make me feel?
  • How motivated and inspired does this song make me feel?
  • How focused do I feel when I listen to this song?

Next, try making a few playlists based on these observations! 

Create a “Pumped Up” playlist, a “Relaxation” playlist, and/or a “Road Trip” playlist to match daily tasks with feelings you want to feel.

Some other ways to add music to your day:

  • Listen to music as you house clean, cook supper, or do chores to boost your mood
  • Find some high energy music while you take a movement break or exercise
  • Browse radio stations in the car for while you’re driving and have them preset in your vehicle
  • Find new relaxation techniques through calming music found on apps such as The Calm App, YouTube, Apple/Google Music, Spotify, or Headspace.



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