How Are You Feeling?

Hello everyone,

SHINE just wanted to check in with all of you and say we hope you are doing well. Sometimes, during times of uncertainty we feel a lot of emotions. Emotions help to keep us safe, prepare for the future, explore, learn, enjoy new things, and express ourselves! Emotions also help us thrive and survive this world that we are in! Our emotions are often complex and sometimes can be very hard to understand, and that is okay!

  • Are you angry? That is okay!
  • Are you grieving? That is okay!
  • Are you enjoying the peace of the world slowing down? That is okay!
  • Are you overwhelmed? That is okay!
  • Are you happy? That is okay!
  • Are you confused? That is okay! 

Research has found that people who acknowledge and share their emotions are happier than those who don’t!

Researchers have also found that negative emotions help us to prioritize what we need to pay attention to and how we can or should act on it. This part of our brain that many of the students would be familiar with that is responsible for this is called the amygdala! The amygdala is in charge of keeping us safe, so we need our negative emotions to help prepare us and prioritize actions when our amygdala tells us we are unsafe.

Here are some ways to acknowledge and regulate how you are feeling right now:

  • Try some mindfulness activities: as we posted in our mindfulness post, there are lots of mindfulness apps available on iPhone and Android devices for free that people can download to practice!
  • Get regular exercise
  • Eat healthy, wholesome meals
  • Drink enough water
  • Get good sleeps
  • Nurture healthy relationships
  • Be engaged in what you are good at!
  • Take a moment to enjoy what is beautiful


For Children:

  • Mindful Schools “Just Breathe” video features various students talking about feeling angry, the brain regions affected by emotions, and what these elementary students do to help combat these big feelings they may experience!

For Adults:


Greater Good Science Center – UC Berkeley

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