You may often hear buzz around the trend of creating a work-life balance and how that looks for different people. Balance is all about doing things to align your body, mind, heart, and spirit, and to advocate for your mental wellness while also being able to work hard. Balance may look different for you than it does for other people in your life including your friends and family.

A study based in various countries and cultures found that creating a work-life balance decreases symptoms of anxiety and depression, and increases both job and life satisfaction. Furthermore, balance in life has been associated with increased productivity and performance in children and adults. To create balance for our bodies we do things like exercise and stay active in our daily lives. To create balance for our minds we do things like learn, read books and stretch our intellectual capabilities. To create balance for our heart we focus on maintaining healthy, happy relationships. And finally, to create balance for our spirit we may practice our faith, mindfulness, and inner reflections. As you can see, you can combine some of these practices together by doing activities such as going to yoga with a friend, which can create balance in your body, heart, and spirit.


Creating Life Balance


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