Support Systems

What is your support system? Who does your support system comprise of? A lot of us probably don’t even consider our support systems on a daily basis as we continue through our busy daily lives. Our support systems are composed of the people in our lives (family members, friends, colleagues, etc.) who we interact with on a daily basis and also the people who are medical professionals who we go to for advice.

Sometimes, our support system will look different than the other people around us, and that’s okay. What matters most is that we have a support system that we can utilize when times get tough! Our support system helps us gain hope, increase our mental health, improve our quality of life and can help us to create more balance within our lives. Not only will our support system be there through hard times, but our support system is beside us in happy and fun times as well! Our support system can be people who are outside of our family (immediate or extended) in our community who support us.

Who is involved in your community support system?

  • SHINE Lloydminster
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Lloydminster
  • The Schools of Lloydminster
  • The City of Lloydminster
  • The Olive Tree
  • The Interval Home
  • Lloydminster Native Friendship Centre
  • Lloydminster Primary Care Network
  • Midwest Family Connections
  • Lloydminster RCMP

Do you need more ideas on supports in Lloydminster?

Visit to check out the new mental health navigation tool!


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